Mind in the Making



You may have heard about the research showing that Executive Function skills affect school readiness, school success, college graduation rates, work and life success. In fact, some researchers have found that they are as important as IQ.

First Book is excited to partner with Families and Work Institute to provide a collection of high-quality children’s books that promote the skills featured in the best-selling book Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs by Ellen Galinsky.

Each book is paired with a FREE downloadable resource created to directly support the development of one of the seven skills. This exciting collection of books and resources will help families and teachers foster Executive Function Life Skills that help children thrive now and in the future.

By reaching more educators, clinics, and parent engagement-based programs with the Mind in the Making Life Skills, we hope to support you in ensuring all children are successful in the classroom, the workforce and beyond.





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