Jungle Bullies (Carton of 100 Paperback Books)

Steven Kroll (Author) Vincent Nguyen (Illustrator)
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Product Type: Paperback Books
Age Groups: Ages 4 to 6, Ages 7 to 9

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Even bullies can learn to share.

Why should a large animal get away with bullying a smaller one? That’s what happens when Elephant takes Hippo’s spot in the pond, which causes Hippo to pick on Lion, Lion to pick on Leopard, and Leopard to pick on Monkey. Vincent Nguyen’s illustrations-a mix of watercolor, charcoal pencil, and digital techniques enrich the story as Monkey asks his mother for advice, and she comes up with just the right solution to solve the problem.

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SKU 437951
ISBN 9780761456209
Language English
Lexile ® Measure AD500L
Page Count 34
Product Type Paperback Books
Book Type Picture Books
Additional Contributor Vincent Nguyen
Primary Contributor Steven Kroll
Age Groups Ages 4 to 6, Ages 7 to 9
Publisher Two Lions